New York Times Linked In to Industry Losses

One of the great joys of being a job seeker in the digital age is the ability to start my mornings by scanning a half-dozen newspapers, including the pages from my recent home away from home, the Houston Chronicle, from my laptop, sipping coffee, still snug in my pjs.

Friday morning — which will forevermore be known to me as ‘Black Friday’ — I opened the Baltimore Sun’s page to see the news instantly blocked by a request for me to join a new shopping service.  It has apparently been given favorable reviews by Oprah Winfrey, the ad for the service states.  And it offers me the chance to save money on purchases of top-brand sunglasses, handbags and other designer labeled goodies — simply by joining the service with a subsciption to the Sun.

Then I clicked on the New York Times’ business page to find a personal message to me and others noted as “newspaper professionals” by NYT’s computer system. It had systematically filed links to stories the NYT decided I would enjoy reading, based on my profile on Linked In, an entirely — I thought — unrelated gathering place in the ethos. This is what I found that made my page-hopping and job-seeking activities more urgent, though perhaps more futile.

News for Media Professionals From
Headlines displayed here are customized for you based on your LinkedIn profile.
No personally identifiable information was shared to bring you this service.

(Then it goes to links to ‘opt out’ of this service or to read NYT’s Privacy Policy, then the big and dismal headlines for the newspaper biz):

1) Newsprint Maker Seeks Bankruptcy Protection
2) Gannett’s Quarterly Earnings Fall 60%
3) Media General Posts Wider Loss and Cuts 300 Jobs
4) F.D.A. Rules on Drug Ads Sow Confusion as Applied to Web
5) The News on Paper, and Other Artifacts

That’s  several death-knells or cries for help for the print industry sounded in one morning.

I will likely not become a member of the BT’s shopping service, not having a great deal of money these days to spend on Prada, etc., but I will likely continue to receive the NYT-LinkedIn service sharing media news for interested newpaper professionals.

I’m just one of those people who continues to be fascinated by heroes and cowards,  greatness and greed, nobility and treachery, the range of life witnessed in the last hours of the Titanic, which also sank in April.


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