It Came From… Home

We were wrong in the ’50s. It wouldn’t come from the Black Lagoon or Outer Space, although it would be coated in slime.

The menace taking over the world and terrifying the bejeezus out of everybody is the hate-monger with a gun. 

Lately, it seems like we have more than our share on our blue planet.

Not that our world wasn’t scary enough already,  just from its hate-mongering leaders.

But while we were waiting to see if Dear Leader Kim Jong Il will really set off his promised nukes, or if the Iranian guy will keep office for four more years, Abdulhakim Muhammad, a home-grown convert to Islam, shot up a stateside recruiting station on June 1.

Nine days later, James von Brunn, a senior citizen of 88 and a convicted felon who had already served time for hate crimes, declared open warfare at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington.

What I’d like to know  is where — when — why — how did these shooters certify to purchase and carry deadly weapons?  What gun salesman looked into the faces of these guys and said, Ok, I think we can simply skip the background check or waiting period here.

I’d like to know the same thing about Scott Roeder, who shot and killed Dr. George Tiller in a Lutheran church two weeks ago.  Or Richard Poplawski, 22, the guy with the high-powered rifle who shot three Pittsburgh police officers to death in April.

How did these guys get such weapons when they, like Brunn, were being watched for posting and spewing racial calls for murder on web sites for stupid white supremacists — people who, in my opinion, have good reason to lack self-esteem.

 The Anti-Defamation League has said that Poplawski believed Jews ran the world and that President Obama was going to enact stricter gun control — laws that would, heaven forbid, take the handguns, rifles and assault weaponry from the hands of the people like him.

His actions took the gun — and the life — away from 23-year-old William Andrew Long, an Army private who was visiting the recuiting station after just completing his basic training.

People may acknowledge the white supremacist crowd for the terrorists they are, just as many believe the more radical proponents of Islam are similar nut jobs.  Why, then, are we so blithely content with them that we keep giving these people guns?

We don’t need to wait for Dr. X, the Blob, the Invisible Man or other creature bearing warnings from six decades ago — films made after the atom bomb radiated Hiroshima.  Those celluloid warnings were a reaction against the consequences of playing with weapons we don’t understand, which seems to be everything from a .22 Saturday Night Special to the people-vaporizing, skin-shredding, city-nullifying mushroom cloud.

Were they alive to tell the tale, I’m sure the 16,000 Americans shot by other Americans each year would understand perfectly the need for more gun restrictions.  At least as far as keeping them out of the hands of hate-sliming crazy people.

We as a people in this country keep sending our quarters and dimes to what we’ve made into one of the biggest lobbies in the land, the National Rifle Association.

‘Cause after all,  we’re the good guys.


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